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When I don’t know what to draw, these two are my default.


Cyodrake’s Gaze!

Full view here!

I wanted to play Digimon World Dusk some more.

Instead by the time I finished everything, it was 1 AM and I didn’t have time. :\

Hopefully tomorrow. I need a break for my brain from all of this schoolwork… 

In other news, I totally rocked in sPvP with my guild when we did Team Deathmatch. Got two more of the Arah track items awarded, and I’m officially rank 10… I’mma Deer! :D

Digimon Meme: 4/10 Villains - Diablomon/Diaboromon

Via Digimon : Digital Monsters

Dwarven clerics don’t create water, they just straight up make Beer.

– The DM’s ruling on whether a Dwarven cleric could use his create Water orison to make Beer instead. Via Out of Context D&D Quotes

Also, a friend of mine was completely awesome and forwarded to me all the notes she took on the research articles, including the rather difficult to read last one I’ve been working on.

I’m so glad I have this awesome lady in my class, srsly. Gonna make this last paper for Women and Politics SO much easier.

It has come to my attention that Dark Souls II releases for the PC Friday (I think).

Heck yeah! Time to die over and over and get murdered by people invading my world, woohoo!

…I wonder which PvE covenant to take though… Hm. *muses*

I can’t believe I’m actually HAPPY to endure an overwhelmingly frustrating game :D



my babies -  they would so make fun of Roy’s mustach

At first I just liked this beautiful art piece. Once I saw the reflections in the window it became a must-reblog.

Via Hylian at Heart


ウィルス種!メタルグレイモン!! by ツグ


Rogue: [upon finding a ring in the woods] “Does it have anything written on it?”

DM: ”The initials ‘C.A.B.’ are engraved on the inside.”

Rogue: “‘C.A.B.’…must belong to a taxi driver.”

Via Out of Context D&D Quotes


Me and 5 other Elementalists had some time to kill in Heart of the mists so we tried to summon pumpkin infinity. Credit goes to Master Ryoki, Fiery chedder Balls, Frazar Scarfire, Caskadea and Phillip Podscale. (x)

I get making up a word or two here or there for a scholarly research article or something… but this author has made up so many it’s just a bit maddening! oO;

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