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Mark makes an attempt to spook the audience, then stops paying attention and gets jumpscared.

Where and in what video is this from…? XD I don’t remember.


Hmm, what could this be…?


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You’ve rolled so well that the dragon believes you to be the High Priest of Orcus. Unfortunately, so does the party.

– DM on the Bard’s Disguise crit-pass. Via Out of Context D&D Quotes


WT: Dukemon | A: Ketu [pixiv] 

You have, somehow, successfully engineered a way to safely dispense Alchemist’s Fire via pressurized hose…

– DM, upon the party’s gnome rolling three nat 20’s to make a flamethrower before entering the Troll Marshes Via Out of Context D&D Quotes

I stand directly behind Turyl and make “yackity yack” motions with my hand while she gives her heroic speech.

– the rogue, who is just about fed up with the wizard and doesn’t understand why she’s the party leader. Via Out of Context D&D Quotes

Need a small Photoshop job done

Maybe it’s stupid to ask here, but I have no friends I know of good at using Photoshop for editing and effects in images and stuff, and usually any sort of graphical stuff, people usually like to get paid for… so maybe I can also negotiate payment or something too..

Anyways, I’m signed up to do Extra Life 2014, and I was hoping to get a banner for my donation page to give it more of an appearance than just the default stuff they have. My idea was that I use a screenshot of my Guild Wars 2 main character in a location I’ll figure out when I actually get the screenshot, with just some small effects to make it more than just a screenshot with some text on it. It’s nothing really, really huge, I know, but I just kinda felt it would be nice to have a banner for the Extra Life page, and I could also maybe advertise with it on my Facebook and such with it.

Chances are I’m not gonna be able to find the help through here, but thought I might try XD;

He had a point


DM: A car screams to a stop in front of you.  A bunch of gangers jump out and ask what you’re doing on their turf.

Street Sam: I pull my gun and start shooting.

DM: What?

Street Sam: That’s the way its going to go anyway, so lets just save time and get to it.

Via Out of Context D&D Quotes


Brujah: “-goes into frenzy over broken CD-“

Brujah: “-throws Gangrel party member out the window-“

Sun: “-rises-“

And that’s how we lost our character with the most experience.

Via Out of Context D&D Quotes



LIONS ARCH – Zommoros, the djinn trapped in what is commonly referred to as the Mystic Forge, has stated that he will begin returning nothing but bags of animal entrails if work to restore Lion’s Arch does not commence soon. We spoke with Miyani, attendant to Zommoros who passed along the following;

“Big Z isn’t too happy about the locale. We moved him over here when skritt hit the fan, but I assured him that it was temporary and that once Scarlett was taken care of things would start getting done around here. Well, it’s been a couple months and… you know. But Z was all like, ‘I REQUIRE A MORE SCENIC SETTING,’ and, ‘COMMAND THESE PEOPLE TO CLEAN,’ and, ‘TELL THAT GUY TO STOP TRYING TO GIVE ME HIS JENNAH DOLLS,’ so, yeah, he’s a bit grumpy and he might start giving people big bags of deer guts and stuff.”

No word from Ellen Kiel or other members of the Lion’s Arch council on when work might get underway. Rumors are stirring, however, that the sheer magnitude of damage may be the catalyst of a major overhaul to the city’s appearance.

Via The Orrator

Can I hug him?

– Catfolk Oracle’s response to meeting PC party member’s silver dragon relative. Has since bears the title ‘Hugger of Dragons’, of which she has hugged 2. Via Out of Context D&D Quotes



I just can’t stop laughing watching this - especially the 3rd round.

Steve Harvey was not amused at all … 

Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


WT: マグナモンX (Magnamon X) | A: ピッカー (Picker) [pixiv]

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